I recently had Easter break for about a week and a half, from March 12-22. I’ve mentioned to my family multiple trips I have planned for the remainder of my time abroad, so they usually just ask me on any given day “Where are you now?” since the answer changes basically every weekend. For Easter break, I decided to go to Switzerland with my boyfriend.

When I heard about the attacks, I woke up to many texts asking if I was okay from family and friends. I was already in Switzerland- nowhere near Brussels. But in this time of turmoil, around the world, it’s really time to reflect on all of the events that have occurred and are ahead of us.

A couple weeks ago Ankara was bombed. Then it was Istanbul, and now Brussels. Not to mention the countless attacks in countries in Africa that don’t get media spotlight- or their own Facebook filter. Theses events are real, they are happening and hundreds of people are dying from it. I know it doesn’t affect Americans directly, because it’s not in New York or Washington, but especially with this interesting presidential campaign (to say the least) we need to become more informed citizens. Not citizens of America, but citizens of the world. If these events do not sadden us as humans, to see that these are innocent women, children and men dying, then at least I beg that Americans begin to realize the negative implications that hate has towards mankind. And in today’s context, how a presidential candidate of this nature could negatively affect our relations with the world and our security in the U.S.

On a lighter note, I am back in the land of tulips and bikes. I have two final exams coming up (my school divides semesters into two) and after my exams I have an other two week break. On my break, I had plans to visit Brussels, Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon and Budapest; but depending on the travel advisories regarding Brussels my plans may be adjusted. I have a lot to look forward to, but just as much to study!

Until next time!



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