Friday Feels

Good Morning,

Today is a beautiful Friday morning here in London.  Most people have today off too.  In England, Good Friday is considered a Bank Holiday.  Therefore, I do not have to go to work today.  Monday is called Easter Monday and is also a bank holiday.  So, there is no school on Monday.  That means I have a four day weekend!  What do I plan on doing with this time off?  Well, the first thing I did today was sleep in.  I quite like my internship and I love living in London, but waking up early every day and commuting is very tiring.  I am very thankful for this nice little break the UK has given us.

This afternoon my mother and sister will come into London via the Eurostar between Paris and London.  Last weekend, I visited them on their trips in Rome and Florence.  Exploring Europe with my sister and mother is quite different from exploring Europe alone or with the friends I have made here.  It was a very interesting change to observe when navigating between the sights.  Below is a picture of all of us at the top of the Piazza Venezia with the city of Rome below us.


I plan on making my mother and sister’s journey here as culturally rich as possible.  I want them to fall in love with London as much as three months has allowed me.  Tonight we are going to go to one of my favourite pubs for dinner and then I will show them Westminster at night time (Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, the Houses of Parliament).  To conclude the night, we will all ride on the London Eye at 9 pm.  I am very excited to do all of the real “touristy” things I have been waiting on doing in London until they arrived.  Tomorrow we will visit the Tower of London for the first time and marvel at the crown jewels (and the tower’s scandalous history).  Then, we will walk around the city of London and hope that the weather holds up and it does not rain too much.  At night we are meeting up with some of our friends from Sussex for dinner and then we will see a play by the same people who acted in Peter Pan Goes Wrong.  I am so excited to see the new play they are producing!  It is going to be so funny!

After two jam packed days in London, my mother and sister are going to experience more of England than just London.  For Easter Sunday and Monday, we are going to visit our family friends in Manchester.  I believe that it will be absolutely lovely visiting them up north.  Hopefully it snows if it is cold (it probably won’t snow).

After Manchester, we will return to London and continue to explore the city as much as we possibly can.  I have a jam packed agenda for this upcoming week, and I am very excited.


Jennifer Saporito


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