The Only Thing Constant is Change.

Every time I come across a good quote, I save it in my iPhone notes in hopes that one day I will be productive and put them on one-too-many canvas prints in my apartment. Until that day, I try to save them in my memory because what I find with inspirational quotes is that they often make the best explanations for the events unraveling in your life.

For example, the events of this week seem to be mirroring the words written above. Now normally I like change–in fact I welcome change. But the changes this week are ones I wish we could reverse.

I was in class when I heard the news of the Brussels attacks on Tuesday. I completely tuned out the rest of my class discussion to try and keep pace with the news updates, but more so my thoughts went directly to those affected by the attack. It’s disheartening to think that people should have to worry about terrorist attacks. Period. But its even more disheartening to think in light of the recent events of the Paris attacks, the Turkey attacks, and now these attacks that people should have to worry about terrorist attacks on public transportation, at a cafe, or while going out to a concert. This is not the type of change I want for the world.

Since then, more changes have spiraled down. Most of the change relates to transportation, which was apparent immediately with the increased security measures around the metro. Last night, the U.S. Embassy also sent out a few emails advising Americans that the travel warnings have been extended into June. Once again, its a series of changes that I wish didn’t have to occur.

But here in Lyon, amongst the grief, people carry on. Now I know from my personal experience of living here that in general, people don’t show a lot of emotion or facial expression in public. Yet it was still a different experience for me today. Normally I feel as though in the states when a tragedy of such magnitude affects a city, it affects the entire region. Though maybe here, this is how the Lyonnais cope with change. By carrying on, maybe they’re creating change. A change that says we won’t let this type of tragedy continue–we will find a way to make a change that is positive again. And in that instance, I agree.

The only thing constant is change. It’s a simple gesture. Six words, sent to me in an email from my Uncle. Saved on my iPhone. Ingrained in my memory. Hopefully now ingrained in yours. Because I hope you can see too –no matter the circumstances of today, or the tragedies of yesterday–know that there will always come a change.




2 thoughts on “The Only Thing Constant is Change.

  1. Your words almost made me cry! Thanks for sharing your thoughts through your blog. It’s fantastic.

    To everybody: Continue to study abroad! It is an important means to better understand different cultures, as a means to encourage global understanding, and ultimately prevail
    over those trying so very hard to prevent peace.

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