Here Comes the (French) Sun

Today, after coming from my last class of the week (I always have Fridays off – what a blessing!) I took the rest of the day to clean and organize my room, cook, and do some groceries. I needed to get my life together because I can’t even think properly if my room is not in order or if there’s not enough food in my fridge. Does anyone else feel the same way?! I feel like if my room is not tidy, my whole life is out of control. Alright… alright, I can exaggerate a bit… but hey, I am Brazilian so that’s expected! 😛 But anyway, things did get a little messy since I didn’t have much time to do anything other than study last week. Now, thank goodness, my room (and life) is back on track.

Finally, the spring has officially begun in Reims. It feels so nice to be outside! Most of the weeks I have spent here were either rainy or cloudy. For the first time in 3 months, I went to check out the park that is right next to my place for some well-deserved relaxing time after the hectic schedule I had last week. In fact, I should be embarrassed, but I just found out about the existence of it a few weeks ago! I am glad to have gone there because it is such a quaint little place… perfect to unwind reading a book in this lovely weather. So that’s exactly what I did.

Also, happy Saint Patrick’s Day everyone! I haven’t seen any kind of celebration here in Reims yet, but tonight I’ll be going for a much-needed time out in the town with my friends so I hope to find some Irish festivities around to join!

Another thing I have been noticing lately is that I no longer feel like a tourist in Reims. It already feels like home to me. Maybe I just adapt too quickly since I have been everywhere throughout my teenage years, but now I honestly wish I could have done the yearlong exchange! Thinking about it, we are almost in April and my flight back home is at the end of May. Just the thought of ending my semester here brings me some sadness… the European way of life has suited me so well!

The way people are is so different. There is no rush. It feels like we have all the time in the world. In the beginning, it shocked me a little. Just to give an example, whenever I went to get food with my friends I was be amazed by how long the service usually took. But I came to realize that this is how the French live – it seems like they appreciate and live for every little moment. They don’t go a restaurant to eat only. They go to relax, enjoy every bite, catch up with their loved ones, and they are not in a rush to end that. Whereas in America, the pace is much faster for everything people do. Of course, both places have a positive and negative side. But the bottom line is that I just don’t know if I am ready to come back yet.

Either way, I shouldn’t be thinking too much about it. I still have a couple of months to enjoy to the fullest ☺


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