Week 5: School Projects and Snowy Interactions!

This week I mostly focused on class group work, studying for my exam, and playing in the snow!

For my Integrated Marketing Communications class we had a group project in which we had to create a fashion company along with a 12-month marketing campaign. I actually really enjoyed this project/class! The professor kept the class interesting by focusing on the main points of integrated marketing and using modern real-life examples of successful and unsuccessful campaigns. He really interacted with the students creating a friendly class atmosphere. I think many professors who fail to create this sort of atmosphere are unsuccessful in their teaching methods because they do not show the students they care about what they are taught. They might say “yes, I want you to succeed” however, after this initial statement they do not make it their job to make sure the students succeed. My IMC professor was not the “average” professor he was very tentative, open to discussions, and really made sure we understood the concepts and theories. Anyways, moving on, I really learned a great deal of relative material from this course and therefore I am thankful for that. My group created a Finnish ecologically friendly fashion company and marketed our brand through implemented pop-up events and social media style marketing. The goal of our brand was to build a relationship with our customers and educate them on the need to produce sustainable products. We created a budget and company timeline after thorough research. Our presentation went quite well and we hope our report did as well!

Now onto more fun stuff! I went saw the movie Joy in theaters. It was quite an inspiring movie proving that anyone can be successful if they really work hard. I also made my first snowman this week after visiting a cake buffet called Kakku Galleria. For a price of 12.95 euros you get a coffee and an unlimited amount of cake slices! I must’ve have tried about 14 or 15 different types of cakes! They were so yummy! Although they made me miss cake in the U.S. as the sort of cakes here were mostly moose or cream style cakes as opposed to spongy cakes, which I prefer. Regardless, they were still quite delicious.


First Snowman!


Kakkugalleria (Cake buffet!)

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 4.10.13 PM.png

This week I also made my first snow angel! It was cold but so much fun! It almost felt like being in a cheesy romantic winter holiday movie, haha! I went walked on the ice, which was an experience. I learned I do not really like walking on frozen lakes as much due to the fact that I almost fell into the icy waters because I did not know it wasn’t complete frozen in that specific spot. The fun part of this ice walking experience was that I got to try ice fishing! I’ve never been real fishing but now I can say I’ve done ice fishing. There were a few guys fishing in the middle of the lake but afar I could not tell what was happening so I walked up to see what they were doing. They offered to let me it if I wanted. It was a bit strange since and you have to be very patient when ice fishing because it’s not really guaranteed that you will get a catch. Ohh! And I went sledding! Sooo much fun! I love sledding down hills in the snow!

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 4.25.23 PM.png

Helsinki sunsets are truly beautiful!


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