An Update

Hello Everyone,

I am currently on spring break right now and it is AMAZING. Last week I had two final exams for two of my classes: Management and Media in Britain. I really enjoyed these two classes and will miss attending them for the second half of the semester. However, now I get to start my internship and take an internship course alongside it. My weekly schedule now looks like this:

Monday: Internship Course
Tuesday: British Life and Business
Wednesday- Friday: Film Doo Internship

As you can see, I have a lot ahead of me so this Spring Break was very much needed.

I recently spent 24 hours in Paris Thursday night through Friday night. Then, I flew back to London in order to catch another Spring Break flight to Madrid. I did not originally plan on going to Paris for Spring Break; however, I was able to make some last minute plans with my friend Kelly who is studying abroad in Paris and my other friend Steele who is currently studying abroad in Milan.

I loved Paris for the short amount of time that I was there. The culture was like nothing I have experienced yet. Not knowing any french was a little daunting but the internet helped me get through the night and day. I did not realize how artsy Paris actually was. Marble statues are everywhere: in front of palaces, government buildings, inside parks. The pride Parisians take in their artwork and architecture is incredible. I found this incredibly interesting.

The Eiffel Tower was the highlight of this trip. I never realized how large it actually was until I was standing underneath it. Witnessing a historical landmark firsthand like the Eiffel Tower was cooler than words can describe. So, have a picture of what it looked like on Friday morning.

Spring Break 2016

If you are curious as to what I accomplished in 24 hours in Paris my itinerary is below.

Thursday Night:

4:00pm- Flew out of London
7:00pm- Arrived in Paris
8:00pm- Climbed to the top of the Arc De Triomphe with Kelly
9:00pm- Walked around Paris with Kelly


8:30am- Visited the Eiffel Tower
9:30am- Went to the very top of the Eiffel Tower
10:45am- Visited the Louvre Museum and fell in LOVE with it
2:00pm- Forced myself to leave the Museum in order to see other sites
2:30pm- Walked through Parisian gardens, along the Seine river, and by the Royal Palace
3:00pm- Visited Notre Dame and admired the inside and outside of it
4:00pm- Took a train to the airport to fly back to London

My visit was very rushed but I did enjoy everything I did. More importantly, I got to see and do everything I wanted to do in Paris. Would I go back if I got the chance? Yes. The city was lovely (but London still has my heart).

Next week I’ll talk about the rest of my break and then the week after that I’ll finally have information to share with you all about my international internship!

Au Revoir,

Jennifer Saporito


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