A Week Entirely “tout seul”

I think we all have an inherent fear of being alone. Whether that be in regards to daily life, relationships, growing old, or planning vacations, we’ve all had this fear at one time or another. But one of the best quotes I’ve stuck to is actually one that’s printed on my lululemon bag from five years ago. It says, “do one thing a day that scares you.” This week, that means conquering my fear of being alone. Traveling alone to be more exact. You see, as time flies by over here in France, everyone flocks to make the most of their weekends for planning trips here, there, and everywhere else. Which means it becomes increasingly harder to plan trips with your friends sinces they’ve already been to x,y,z. That’s why I’ve taken it into my own hands to plan a solo trip to Paris. I thought it was about time to see the iconic Eiffel Tour, and have that nolstagic light bulb moment to say, “wow, I really am in France.” So naturally, I’ve planned my entire week leading up to this occasion “tout seul”.

Thus with a four hour gap between my classes on Mondays, (because might I remind you that classes here are 1hr45min here (point UF)) I took the afternoon to explore more of my hometown in Lyon. If I haven’t mentioned it yet, Lyon has 103% become my home away from home and by far favorite city I’ve seen in Europe. Yes I’m biased. But I’m also based in the food capital of France, so I also think I have reason to be. As I was saying, I took the afternoon and decided that it was time to visit one of Lyon’s many famous museums–the Musée des Beaux Arts. With three floors of collections ranging from marble statues and hieroglyphics to contemporary artists, it was a captivating two hours spent in blissful solitude. And that fear of being alone? Completely washed away while being wrapped up in the history of the arts.

Which only makes my excitement for this weekend that much more incontainable. Because, while yes this will be my first solo exploration, I have no doubt it will be one of my best trips yet. And I think its necessary. I think it’s necessary for everyone to find a time in their life to branch out, go completely against the grain, do something completely and utterly selfish, and completely tout seul. Set aside that fear, I promise you won’t end up a crazy cat lady if you take one weekend to yourself (or one weekend to force yourself to separate from the group, however you view it)…That’s what I’m telling myself at least.

So here’s hoping for the start of a new found perspective from the favorited old-quote. The perspective that while yes, we all prefer to be in the company of family and friends, life is to precious to sit on the sidelines waiting for others to accompany you on your journeys. Because some journeys are better “tout seul,” we just might not know it yet.




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