Let the Festivities Begin – Scandinavian Spring Break!

Hello everyone!

This week at Sciences Po was tough. That’s why it took me a while to write this week. There are so many things happening at the same time. I am talking about presentations, quizzes, more presentations, and heavy reading load. I honestly don’t do much throughout my week other than that, so nothing too interesting to report about this last week. I must warn you guys: if traveling is your priority when it comes to doing an exchange program, Sciences Po should not be your first choice. I am far from traveling as much as I wanted, and the answer is simple: I don’t have time. Don’t get me wrong, I did not regret coming to Sciences Po whatsoever! This school is amazing. The teachers are very passionate about their field of work, the students are so engaged in the discussions, the overall learning atmosphere is superb because the level is so high. But then again it was as expected. François Hollande (the current President) and Christine Lagarde (Managing Director at the IMF) studied at Sciences Po, so it only makes sense that this school does have a very challenging curriculum. For you guys to have an idea, the regular students at Sciences Po typically take eight (that’s right, I said eight) classes per semester. The workload can add up so quickly. But, having said that, I probably will just leave most of my travel plans for the end of the semester when I’m done with classes. Coming to Europe and not traveling around is almost the same as not coming to Europe 😛

Now that we’re talking about traveling: my spring break has just started! As I said on my last post, I’ll be doing a little Scandinavia tour with a good friend of mine. I am SO excited!!! Finally something out of my comfort zone! I am aware the vast majority of people in Scandinavia speak English, but I hope to go through some funny “lost in translation” stories that I can share with you guys when I get back to Reims. I have never experienced being a place where I can’t understand the language and it seems like a difficult but amusing situation to be in. I hope I bump into lots of people who can’t speak the same languages as I do!

Right now I’m sitting in the Paris airport, waiting for my friend who left me to go buy some macarons and I’m thinking she got lost since it’s been a while. Our flight to Copenhagen was delayed for one more hour, so I think we are fine. Stockholm and Gothenburg are the next cities we are visiting and finally we will be in Oslo for a few days! I hope to catch some snow and I will definitely be uploading some pictures when I get back 🙂



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