Tulips, windmills and rain…lots of rain.

So this week marks my third week in the beautiful country of the Netherlands! To say it has been interesting would be an understatement.

I’ve been able to single-handily experience everything about Dutch culture. It’s been nice to be able to go to school with people of a completely different culture, although that means not understanding 95% of the conversations going on around me.

I am enrolled in a Gender Studies course where I had to work in a group of all Dutch students. To communicate, we had a Whatsapp group chat….ALL IN DUTCH. At one point, I kindly asked if they could speak in English because I was getting pretty tired of pasting all of their messages in Google Translate. They spoke in English for about 10 minutes and then went back to speaking Dutch. But really, I can’t blame them…English isn’t their first language and a lot of times they’re not comfortable with speaking English. I’m the foreigner who should be learning Dutch…

But besides feeling the strength of a language barrier it’s been nice. I’ve quickly replaced Rowdy Reptiles and Grog for Tivoli and Poema. And Library West for a palace. Yes, my library in Utrecht was once a palace; I can’t begin to explain how beautiful it is.  So overall, I’m starting to feel like this place is home.

Next week is my 21st birthday and I’m really excited to see how ridiculous people think I am for my excitement of what’s basically an irrelevant birthday to Europeans.

Until next time!




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