The Truth About Studying Abroad

The truth is, I’ve done it before. Prior to beginning my studies at the University of Florida, I spent a year abroad on what is called a “gap-year program”. This program consisted of several friends I’ve made over the years, staff members who are there for us 24/7 and live with us, and a programmed year of ice-breakers, trips, vacations, etc. However, studying abroad in Prague in college is different. I knew they would be vastly different experiences but here is the truth about studying abroad in college.

It isn’t easy- It isn’t easy to go alone. It isn’t easy to meet people when majority of the participants already have their group of friends. However, this has challenged me to reach outside my comfort zone. I have gone to various events alone with hopes of meeting people. I have met students on other programs, students from around the world, and students on my program through various activities that I have heard about. I am proud of the things I have tried on my own in order to make this experience what I hope it to be. I want to explore, try new things, meet new people and learn and I am doing that, it is just a slow process. I am learning more about myself than I imagined. More about the potential I have and about my interests. I am doing the things I want to do whether I am with people or not because I don’t want to leave Prague with regrets.

It’s the opportunity of a lifetime- Despite moments of feeling alone, I am taking advantage of every opportunity I get. I am booking travel plans with anyone I meet to ensure I get the most out of the experience. I am meeting people from all over and trying new foods, activities, and more. I have been to Vienna and am soon going to Brussels and Copenhagen. I hope this is jus the beginning of the adventures of the semester and my future.

Overall going abroad can be described as:



lonely at times






and so much more!


It definitely is a roller coaster of emotions but my highs have been so high that I know it is an experience worth having.



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