New Experiences, Friends, and Adventures


Once again, another week in London has ended.  Within one week, I was able to meet up with some of the UF in Madrid students, explore the English countryside, and secure my international internship placement.

On Monday I received an email notifying me that my internship interview was scheduled for Friday with a start-up company called Film Doo.  When Friday arrived, I found myself outside of a building that used to be a Tobacco Dock and entering said building to be interviewed. The position focuses on business development and a B2B outreach role that will allow me to work on partnerships with content creators and help identify future partners to sub-license content to.  On Friday, I met two of my future co-workers and explored the surrounding area afterwards.  I am very exciting to start working with Film Doo starting in March.  If you would like to know more about the company you can do so by clicking on this link.

My roommate from the past two years is in the UF in Madrid program.  Her name is Gabby (yay shout outs!).  I was fortunate enough to meet up with her and some other UF in Madrid students in London this past weekend.  The students arrived Thursday night and after eating dinner at a pub I took them to my favorite gelato shop in South Kensington.  It was nice to be able to talk to an older friend in a new place and meet other UF students going through a similar (but also completely different) study abroad experience.  The Madrid students and a few of us Londoners went out to a pub in Picadilly on Friday night.  We had a drink and showed them a glance of the London nightlife.  They were so surprised that most pubs close in London at 11:00 pm.  Apparently, that’s when the bars and clubs in Madrid open!  The students claimed that being out until 7:00 am is normal.  This is just one aspect of how different two countries’ cultures can be. I was able to see Gabby again Monday night before she left to go back to Madrid.  We parted promising to see each other again before we go back to America.  Therefore, I am going to have to book a flight to Madrid soon in order to visit her and my new UF friends I made on Friday night.  I can’t wait!

This weekend instead of traveling out of the country, I traveled within it.  England is a gorgeous country and I am planning on experiencing all of it instead of just London.  I ventured out to Bath, Oxford, and the Cotswolds villages on a two day trip.  I was able to see so much in such a short period of time.  The weekend was amazing.  I could talk for hours about the amazing sights and scenery that I was surrounded by, however; my pictures can probably do a better job at showing how beautiful the country is.  Below, are pictures from this weekend.

Avebury Stone Circle

Old Barn in Lacock

Bath Abbey Exterior

Bath Abbey Interior

Roman Great Bath

The Circus, Bath

Pulteney Bridge in Bath

Bridge in a Cotswolds Village

Cotswolds Village

Trout Farm in the Cotswolds

Bourton on the Water

England’s Oldest Pub

Oxford’s Radcliffe Camera

Oxford’s Christ Church

I think that for me, Bath was the most surprising place I visited.  I did not know how extensive the Roman Baths actually were.  I was inside the exhibit for about two hours.  Everything was fascinating and I would definitely say it is a ‘must’ for anyone to visit if they came to England.  All of the buildings were made from similar stones and the town was gorgeous.  I really enjoyed my time in Bath and would definitely go back to spend more time there.

Oxford was cool because of all of the Harry Potter scenes that were filmed on location.  I went on a Bodleian library tour and saw the bookshelves used in the films for the restricted section.  We also saw the room that served as the hospital in the first movie (and I was actually allowed to take a picture of this magical room).

Oxford Divinity School (Harry Potter Hospital)

As a book and Harry Potter lover, I believe the library tour was worth the money I paid for it.  Another cool thing I did in Oxford was climb to the top of St. Mary’s church and look down at the city from the top of it.

The last thing Harry Potter related I did in Oxford was explore the Christ Church’s cloisters, great hall, and cathedral.  The great hall in the Harry Potter films was inspired by the great hall at Oxford and I was amazed at the similarities between the two versions.

The Great Hall

It was amazing experiencing the most realistic version of Hogwarts possible.  This weekend felt like a dream.  The architecture and atmosphere of every place on my journey was amazing.  I still cannot believe that I have been out of my birth country for a month now.  However, I am trying my hardest not to waste a second of it.  Time will only tell what next week will bring me.

Stay tuned in,

Jennifer Saporito


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