Dun dunrundun London!

P.s. click on my link to see photos! 🙂

I went to London this past week and had an amazing time visiting friends and family!

My trip first started off with a reunion of 15 international students from all over Europe who studied abroad at UF last year. We rented an apartment in city center near Tower Bridge for all of us. The first day we arrived, we spent the evening catching up over dinner and drinks. After all the silly games and dancing, it definitely felt like we had picked up right where we’d left off. The next day we wondered around London exploring all the sites like the Tower Bridge, Tower of London, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Covent Garden, Leicester Square, and Buckingham Palace. We had walked over 10 miles that day from our apartment all the way to Buckingham Palace! Therefore, we took the tube back home that evening. Then later in the night, we decided to go to Camedon to celebrate one of our friends 22nd birthday! We started off hitting the bars and then ended up at a club called KOKO. I personally loved the club! The music and drinks were on point. There were multiple rooms and levels throughout the club with different sorts of scenes. I had such a great time dancing with my friends like good ole times J It was so incredible to see so many close friends all in one place again.

Then the following day I spent with my cousins. First, we went to one of their homes where my aunt stuffed me with food right before we were about to go a restaurant for lunch, haha! Afterwards, my cousins and I went into the city and did a little bit of shopping. We then had lunch at a Cantina Laredo. I think we must have spent at least an hour before the waiter could take our order because we spent so much time talking and catching up as opposed to actually looking at the menu! After lunch, we walked around the city, watched some street performers and then went for some gelato. (Sometimes I feel that when I spend time with my family I just spend most of the day eating, hehe 😉 but I am completely okay with eating all day so it’s cool.) Then we went back home and my aunt had Dosa’s (south Indian crepes) waiting for us. They were so good! So much food! Then, later we went and had drinks with my friends at the apartment. My cousin and I split with the rest of the group there and went to a club called Konnect. This club was quite nice from the inside and played mostly R&B music throughout the night. It seemed to be a very British club. Even though the scene wasn’t really my type of thing I had a great night out with my cousin!

This trip really changed my view of London in a positive way. Before, I just saw London as just very touristy and not enough culture. However, after this trip I realized how much history the city holds. Every district in London has its own story. It kind of brought back the “don’t judge a book by its cover” phrase. Everything changes from day to night, the crowds, the music, the style, and the events. There is quite a lot to do apart from just the touristy attractions. I am excited to visit again sometime soon! I had an amazing time with both my friends and my family. I would not have changed a thing about the trip!

Of course, I had to end the trip with some cheeky Nando’s 😉 So yum!


Stay tuned for Lapland adventures next week!


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