1 month down, 4 to go!

It’s so crazy that I’ve been in Reims already for almost one month. Time is passing really fast and I am loving every minute of it. My classes are going great, but the readings are starting to pile up a bit. I will take this upcoming week to sit down and catch up with all my coursework. Knowing how to manage your time is essential for exchange students. It’s definitely harder for us since we need to allocate time not only for studying, but also for traveling, exploring, and visiting new places. It’s important because we have to make sure we are making the most of this semester abroad since it is a one in a lifetime experience!

I remember when I was preparing for this semester in France I really wanted to go study in the Paris campus. Now, I am certain I’ve taken the right decision of coming to Reims instead. I have a few friends who are now at Sciences Po Paris and their transition wasn’t as easy as mine. Sciences Po Reims has a much smaller campus (only about 700 students), because of that the university staff is able to give prompt individual assistance to students whenever they need it. Also, at Sciences Po Reims exchange students have priority when picking classes, whereas at Sciences Po Paris they don’t.

This aspect was particularly important to me because the classes I am taking during this semester needed to count directly for my major at UF since I already used all my elective credits. During registration day, I registered for all the classes I wanted without any problems with the help of the exchange program coordinators. My friends who are at Sciences Po Paris told me it was difficult for them to register for the classes they needed since they were filling up super fast and they didn’t have much guidance from Paris campus staff.

The weather here in Reims is starting to get warmer. By warmer, I just mean not freezing as it was in the beginning of the last month. Temperatures are ranging from 45F to 55F lately and I’m enjoying it ☺ The sun still doesn’t come out as often… but c’est la vie. Reims is beautiful nonetheless!

Here is a picture of me in one of my favorite sights of the town, the cathedral.

I also took the last week to finally open a French bank account. I suggest BNP Paribas because Sciences Po has an agreement with this bank, meaning you don’t have to pay any fees and they give you $75 euros for opening an account with them!



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