The First Day

What a whirlwind of emotions! Because I came to Prague from a nearby location, I was one of the first students to arrive.While this had the perks of choosing my bed, unpacking without being in someone’s way, and acclimating a bit as my own self, the loneliness I experienced was something I had not predicted. Going into this study abroad, I did not know anyone. I arrived at 11 am and my roommate did not arrive until 9 pm therefore I was alone most of the day. I spent the bulk of the day unpacking. I needed to purchase some staple items and never experienced the stress of shopping like I did today. Things look different here, the metric system is confusing, the language is complex, and the people I encountered knew very little English. However, I managed to find the items I needed and met up with a friend who is visiting Prague for the week. Never had I been so excited to see a familiar face. I wandered the streets to find her and came across the beautiful Prague Castle and the Astronomical Clock. We had traditional Czech dishes including potatoes, fried cheese, cucumber salad (more like chilled soup), and a cheese/cranberry sauce sandwich. I think the Czech like their cranberry sauce because it’s in a variety of dishes.


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