French Culture through the Arts

Day two of classes, day two of a whirl-wind week spent marveling over the various art forms in Lyon. While yesterday brought a productive first class in the History of the Arts and an evening at the French Cinema, tomorrow brings a night at the theater, preceded by a night at the Opera, and then a debut of a script in our neighborhood flat. If I thought I hadn’t had time to marvel at the artistic culture in Lyon yet, I’m doing so now.

You see, Lyon is one of those cities you search for on Google Images, find a few pictures of the Ferris Wheel and le Rhône River, and that’s it. What you don’t get to see is the vast collection of Urban artwork, Museums, and schedules for the Opera and local theaters. And personally, this is what interests me the most. So this week, I’ve taken it into my own hands to ensure I am able to marvel at every art form in Lyon. And might I say, I think this will quickly become my favorite week of exploration in Lyon.

As for classes, they are proving quite different from UF. To start, each class is 1h45 which is about the same length as a double-block at home. Point for UF on that matter. But the classes themselves are quite interesting. I have 12 different blocks throughout the week, which consist of language courses, orale and written production courses, listening comprehension courses, and a history of the arts course. So far, so good. Of course it will be an adjustment, but there are 35 cent chocolate croissants across the street to keep me going, so all will be well.

At the end of this week after my intensive study of French culture and arts, USAC is taking the students to the French Alps for a ski-day. Thus, I feel it is safe to say this will be the busiest week since my arrival here in France. But what good would a semester abroad be without a constant hustle and bustle in order to see and do everything possibly known to man in five months? Not much good, I’m afraid. So off I go–well wishes until the next update.

-À plus tard,



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