Abroad Prep

When I tell people I am spending my semester abroad in Prague, I receive nothing but positive responses. Everyone says how beautiful the city is and great the people are. In preparation to leave, I have read multiple blog posts about Prague, European culture, European fashion, and more in order to prepare myself for the experience I will embark on. I feel ready to see it for myself however, I know that I will not know everything until I arrive. I have been on my fair share of trips from weekend travels, to multi-week vacations, to an extended stay in which I studied abroad for a year. However, despite my travel experiences, packing to leave is always a challenge. The 50 lbs weight limit is a burden because there is no way I can fit my life in a suitcase of 50 lbs. To help this process, I packed about 6 days early. This was by far my best packing experience. I was able to remove the stress of packing and enjoy my final days with my family before leaving for 4 months. This also enabled the ability to buy last minute items without the crunch for time. All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go! Hoping that the New York snowstorm doesn’t interfere with my flight! Next blog post to be written from Prague. Hope you Czech it out.


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