My cat is going to hate me

A week before my departure, everyone keeps asking me what I have done to prepare. Each time I am at a loss for words. What do you say? “I bought a bunch of granola bars and some EasyMac,” or, “I googled all the awful things that could happen and trust me you don’t wanna know.” While I cannot list everything, here’s a short list of all that I have done to prepare to leave:
1. Made a list of things I’m supposed to do
2. Snuggled my cat endlessly (no matter how much she squirms)
3. Eaten at every Gainesville restaurant food that I know I’ll have a hard time living without including but not limited to peanut butter pie, gnocchi, various Taco Bell items, and more
4. Cleaned my room four different times
5. Made a mess of my room five different times
6. Slept in every day
7. Whined about the cold at least twenty times
8. Puked in two separate Walt Disney Parks (not recommended)
9. Read three different Irish travel books
10. …essentially none of the things I should have been doing

I struggle daily to decide how much of a big deal it is to know that I’ll be living in such a different place for a semester, but I know it won’t truly sink in until I’m on that plane about to leave. A lot of me is sad at some of the opportunities I chose to take a break from in Gainesville but, mostly, I am excited and so eager for all the possibilities.

In our pre-departure sessions, they advised us to lower our expectations so every now and then I remind myself of the cons of being so far; however, the negative aspects never seem to outweigh the value in my head of how this is going to help me figure out what I want. I am so, so eager to learn more about myself through this experience while still being able to connect with new people. Here’s to hoping I’ve got enough Irish in me to get along 🙌🏻


8 thoughts on “My cat is going to hate me

  1. Courtney you will do great, I hope you have fun , and enjoy yourself, please don’t forget about me , Ali and Anthony. Miss you.

  2. Hope I am doing this right. Just wanted you to know I am following you and hope you have the best time of your life. This is quite an adventure being on your own so far away, make the most of it. Learn the Irish jig, a few of their words, find a four leaf clover and a leprechaun with a pot of gold. Most importantly have fun and make lots of great memories.

  3. You’ll do great!!! And I think you should get your hopes up as high as you want to. And where are the selfies of you and your cat??? 🙂 We miss you at work already! Happy trails!

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