And Away We Go…(!)

As the countdown dwindles down to my new-oh-so-chic life in France, there’s only one question that seems to be on peoples’ minds–Are you ready to go?! And the only thing I can respond with is: partly? Mentally, of course I’m ready to go venture across the Atlantic, be fully immersed in a new culture, and eat some of the best food out there; but physically? Not at all. Have I packed? Somewhat. Have I made the important calls to my bank, my cell phone carrier, and my doctors? Maybe a few. Do I have all my papers copied, and recopied, and my flight itinerary memorized, and luggage weighed, and goodbyes said? Nope. Not there yet. But I have to remind myself, maybe that’s okay.

Maybe it’s okay to be excited (*ecstatic), and nervous, and scared, and more excited again after five minutes of first having these emotions. Perhaps it’s okay not being ready to say goodbye to family and friends until stepping into the security line at the Airport. And after all this, maybe, quite possibly, its okay to feel a little scrambled when getting yourself organized for five months abroad.

But here in-lies the beauty. In this wonderful chaos that currently surrounds my planning, I’m realizing that this trip is actually happening. France is no longer a far-fetched dream, its right around the corner, nine days away from where I currently stand. I am at the precipice of the trip of my life, with the silliest worries currently fogging my thoughts. I have a tremendous opportunity in the grasp of my hands and all I can think is, “did I remember to pack socks?” Really. Socks. Because its not like they don’t sell those in France. But I guess that’s how my mind is coping with the biggest news of my life. By making this seem like a normal occurrence, my mind keeps itself from exploding. And I’m okay with that. If worrying about socks is what makes this trip a reality, I’m good with that. Heck, I’ll think about it more. Because when it comes to it, it’s the little things in life that matter the most. Except in this case, maybe it’s the little things in the contexts of some of the biggest things I’m about to experience.

Thus with all this said, and my rambling slowing spiraling out, I’d like to say a warm welcome to January 13, 2016–I’ve been waiting for your arrival for twenty years. And I’d just like to say, I’m so glad you’re finally here.



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