We’ll Always have Skype

This past week has been busy again, there’s never a dull moment between the library and my friends- unless you consider the library dull.

Monday I spent the day in the library, writing papers.  After dinner, Thea and I went to Em’s with Issy for a little bit, just to catch up, and then Em and I went over to Tom and Amelia’s to hang out for a bit before going to Monkey’s.  There was a bit of a queue, but we made the best of it, and had a great time once we got inside!  Thea and I decided to leave about 12.30, and gave Rhys a knock on our way back.  We ended up staying there until just after three, and Henry sneaked into Founder’s to hang out as well!


Tuesday and Wednesday were library days again, although Wednesday evening I decided to take a break.  After dinner, Thea and I hung out for a bit before going over to Meg’s to get ready to go the the SU.  We were shortly joined by Dan, Henry, and Rhys, and all headed out together.  We ran into tons of people once we got there, and were having a blast dancing around together when I got a bit of bad news from home.  I stepped outside for a minute, and was quickly joined by Thea, Meg, Henry, Dan, and Rhys.  They were all so supportive, and lovely, and helped cheer me right up, and I am so, so grateful that they were there with me.  I spent the rest of the evening dancing until the lights came on, before heading back to Founder’s, where Rhys and I stayed up talking until just after 4.  My friends managed to help make what could have been a really hard night into a really fun one, which is just amazing.  They’re such incredible people, and I’m honored to be able to call them my family away from home.

Thursday morning I spent some time in the library before meeting up with Thea for lunch.  She was genuinely ill, so I made her go to bed for the rest of the day.  After lunch, I went to flyer for the CU Carol Concert with Dan, Meg, and Henry, but the flyers had run out, so we ended up going to the library to cut and print some more.  I then went to the English Department Christmas Party with Issy for a bit, and had some biscuits and chocolate before meeting with my seminar leader to talk about my paper.  I wrote a bit more in the afternoon before going to my seminar until 6.  Afterwards, a few of us met up for the Founder’s Christmas dinner, before heading to the Carol Concert.  I sat with Issy and Kieran, and had an absolutely lovely time, it was so nice getting into the Christmas spirit a bit, and the Founder’s Chapel is beautiful.  After the concert, we headed to Crosslands for a bit, where we ran into Clem!  She, Issy and I headed back to Founder’s, and spent some time in the corridor before I headed off to bed.

Friday morning, I met Clem for breakfast at 9.30 before heading to my lecture and seminar.  I realized shortly after arriving in my lecture that I had left my college card on my dining tray, and panicked for a bit, but fortunately for me, Wendy, who works in the dining hall, snagged it for me, and gave it back to me at lunch- life saver!  After lunch, I went to the library with Thea for a bit, and stayed there until we went to dinner.  After dinner, we went to Em’s room for  a little to catch up, and then Thea and I went back to hers to watch a movie.  We ended up watching about half the movie, however, and chatted for most of the evening instead.

Saturday morning, Issy and I headed into Windsor for the day!  We grabbed coffee at Costa, and then did a bit of shopping before meeting up with Allison to tour the castle.  It was so cool seeing the castle all decorate for Christmas- their tree is absolutely huge!  Issy and I headed back in the evening, and I met up with Clem to head over to Dan’s to get ready for the Quiz Night at Ascot!  We decided to do face paint, and ended up going as a family of tigers to the quiz night.  We looked pretty great, if I do say so myself.  After the quiz ended, on our way back to Founder’s, Clem, Thea, Sam, and I stopped into a flat party at Harry’s.  We were given a few strange looks, but for the most part, people appreciated our face paint.  We got back to Founder’s, and hung out in the corridor for a bit before heading off to bed.

Sunday morning, Issy, Thea, and I woke up early to go to the library, where we stayed until we met Clem for brunch at 11.30.  Then it was back to the library until about 3.  Clem had organized a going away/ birthday party for herself, so at 4 we met up with her, Susie, Meg, and Wendy and headed to Jump In, which is basically a room full of trampolines.  We met up with Clem’s family and some of her other friends and bounced around for an hour and a half, and had an absolute blast!  Then we went to dinner at Gourmet Burger Kitchen, and had a lovely evening celebrating with Clem.  We ended the night with some heartfelt goodbyes.  When Thea and I got back to Founder’s we talked for a bit about how strange it was that Clem wouldn’t be coming back- I know it’s only one more week here, but it’s strange not having her just down the hall.  We ended the night by going to the library for a bit, and then heading to bed!

Thinking about leaving is just getting harder and harder.  I miss everyone back home, and I want to see them all, but I wish that they could all just come here, and that I could stay for a while longer.  It keeps hitting me in little ways that I won’t be here next term, and it’s really hard to imagine, in a way.  I’ve grown so at home here, and have met such wonderful people, it’s incredibly hard to think of them being an ocean away in just a few weeks.  I got a taste of what saying goodbye is going to be like with Clem yesterday, and I have to say, I don’t think I care for it.  I just try to keep reminding myself that it’s a good thing saying goodbye is so hard, because it means that the friendships and relationships I’ve built here really mean something.


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