Coffee and Tea Make the World Go Round

This week started off much nicer than last.  Monday morning, I grabbed a coffee with my friend Leigh-Ann (I’m telling you- my quality of life is largely dependent on the quantity of tea and coffee in my life at any given moment), and we decided to go into Windsor this upcoming Wednesday to do some shopping!  I spent the rest of the day catching up on reading, and writing last week’s blog post.  So, low key day, but nice, nevertheless!

Tuesday was much more hectic, but my Tuesdays always seem jam packed.  I had class in the morning, then grabbed lunch with Clem and Thea, where we decided that we were definitely going to Paris.  We picked dates, we got excited, it was a very productive lunch.  I then dashed off to my seminar, before I met Liv and Em to go down to the SU shop to pick up some snacks.  At this point, it was dinner, so the girls and I (minus Em) grabbed dinner at Founders.  Liv and I then ran to meet Em for a Shakespeare reading.  When that ended, the three of us decided to have a night out, and went to Em and Liv’s friend’s flat for a bit.

I have no class on Wednesdays, so I went to meet Thea in the library to get some work done once she had finished her morning lectures.  She and I then met Issy for lunch about noon in Founders.  I went back to my room to read for a while, before meeting up with Rhys for some coffee at the Hub- yes, they have a Hub here as well, and it’s quite comparable to the one at UF, and just as necessary for mid-afternoon caffeine fixes (again, my life revolves around coffee and tea).  I went back to the library with Thea for a bit following coffee, then had dinner with the girls before heading back to my room to watch a musical with Thea.  We got about a quarter of the way through before “musical night” turned into “let’s educate Tayler about obscure British cultural references night,” which was a lot of fun, especially once Em and Issy came by, and added their input as well.  And, I now know who Robbie Williams is!

Thursday brought the return of the 9 am lecture, which is always a joy.  Following the lecture though, I met up with Clem for coffee and croissants at Cafe Jules, which completely brightened up my day.  She and I resumed our discussions of Paris, and decided not to put off booking another day- we resolved to have flights booked by that night.  She had to run off to a psychology study, so I sat outside in the sun for a bit and did some reading for my class on Friday until Thea texted about lunch.  She and I then went to the library until I had to leave for my seminar at 5.  Once that let out at 6, I went over to the dining hall to meet Clem, Thea, and Liv for dinner.  We planned on booking Paris immediately following dinner, but ended up having to postpone the booking until later that evening so we could make it to the CU.  As soon as we got back, Clem, Thea, and I did it.  We booked Paris!  I am going to Paris on Friday, November 6th!  It still doesn’t seem real.  I am so excited.  Since I was all jazzed up about Paris (and still am!) I decided to let myself be talked into going out with Em!  We met up with Harry, Rhys, and Kieran, and went to Monkey’s.  Unlike the bars in Gainesville, however, Monkey’s does last call at 11:30, so we headed back to Founder’s with some of the other Founder’s Westside people we’d found out, and decided to have a bit of a corridor party.  All in all, it was an incredibly fun night, and I’m glad Em talked me into going out!

I started my Friday with a lecture and seminar on Drama and Witchcraft, before meeting up with the crew for lunch.  I spent most of the afternoon chatting with Em, and then the two of us met up with Clem and Thea for dinner at Founder’s.  After dinner, I had an iced tea with Rhys at Crosslands, one of the many on campus tea/ coffee places.  Following this, I went to see what Em was doing for the evening, and ended up hanging out in her room, until I decided it was time for bed.

Saturday, Issy, Thea, Clem, and I went into Staines for the day!  Staines is another town, right near Egham.  We went shopping, had some lunch, and saw Pan.  It was a really relaxed, really fun girl’s day out.  We’ve decided we have to go back soon, because there’s this massive dessert shop we all want to try out.  Saturday night, I went out with Em, and some of the other girls on our floor.  We went to Medicine for a bit, and had a good time.  I didn’t want to stay too late, because I was heading to London in the morning, so a girl on my floor, Jen, and I walked back to Founder’s together.

Sunday, as I mentioned, I headed into London.  I met up with Allison, and she and I grabbed some Indian food for lunch, which was awesome.  Following this, she and I went to the Matilda box office to see if we could buy tickets for the matinee that day, and scored some great seats!  We had some time to kill before the show, so she and I wandered about London for a bit.  We found this really cool chocolate school that made me contemplate a change in careers for half a second, but I come back to reality pretty quickly.  We caught the show at three, and it was amazing.  I have been wanting to see Matilda since I heard the soundtrack, and it did not disappoint.  I was choking up by the show stopper “Revolting Children,” and just loved the show from start to finish.  How such small people can have such large voices amazes me- they are some of the most talented children I have ever seen.  After the show, we grabbed some ice cream before heading over to Shakespeare’s Globe for the season wrap party.  Allison is interning there, so she got a ticket, and managed to snag me one as well, because she’s amazing.  The food was awesome, and there was an incredible brass band playing in the theatre itself, which was a bit odd, but so cool.  Everyone was in costume, the party was fancy dress with an in-laws and outlaws theme.  Allison and I killed the game as Bonnie and Bonnie- because Clyde was really holding the pair back.  We had an amazing night before I had to head back to Egham, and I was exhausted by the time I dragged myself home.