“Its all about the feeling”

Just like the emails at UF, at the University of Puerto Rico I am bombarded every week by all kinds of emails about activities from all sorts of student associations and clubs. A couple of weeks ago one email in particular stood out to me above the rest: “Surfing Classes” was the subject line. I opened the message and clicked on the info link for the details of the event. I’ve always thought that surfing was pretty amazing and I’d been wanting to learn for a long time so I signed myself up for classes. On the morning of the event I got a bit nervous. I know how to swim and I can manage really well in the water but I had never done anything in a rough sea with big waves and I suddenly found myself afraid of my decision to sign up for these classes. After some thought I decided to persevere and I headed to the beach the event would take place at. It seems that my “A Year in Mayagüez” diaries will have a lot of pictures of the beach on them, jaja:)

I am so glad I decided to go to the class despite my fear because it was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.

One of the most famous surfing sayings is “Its all about the feeling”. This saying inspires a lifestyle of harmony and connection with nature. The instructors use it as a way to teach which side of the board you should stand on. They asked us to practice lying down on the board and jumping up into standing position, the position you naturally fall into is the correct one because its all about what feels right.

In the class, we also learned a lot about the conditions of the ocean that we needed to be aware of. The intensity of the tide, the direction of the water and air currents and cardinal points were some of the things that were important to keep in mind in order to stay safe throughout the event. The class took place in Las Marias Beach in Rincon, PR and we also learned about a natural reservoir that was right by where we were taking the class. The natural reservoir consisted of a special coral that flourished particularly in this beach in Puerto Rico.

Bellow, I share one of the few photos I was able to get of the event with some edits I made to create something that may inspire.

I shared a more detailed account of this experience on my personal blog and I invite you all to stop by if you would like to read it: http://www.laianaisabel.blogspot.com. Just a small note, in my blog I write the posts both in english and Spanish.

Yours truly,

Laiana Isabel



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