Reality Hits

This week, the rose colored glasses came off.  Don’t misunderstand- I still love it here more than I can put into words, and I would not change coming here for anything, but I had a bit harder of a week this week.

Tuesday was a particularly challenging day for me, largely because it was the day my baby sister turned seventeen.  I’ve missed her birthdays in the past, being at uni makes it hard to get home, but the time difference, combined with not having seen her in a few weeks, knowing I won’t be seeing her for a while yet, and knowing it’s the same with the rest of my family, made it harder than usual.  I did get to FaceTime her for a short while, which was lovely, but not quite the same as being able to wish her a happy birthday in person.  My friends here were also extra supportive all afternoon and evening, which I appreciate more than they know.  Shout out to Clem and Thea for knowing that the best way to cheer this gal up is through the magic of bubble tea!  I’ve particularly come to love the rose flavour.

The next day was a lot better- it was a good day.  This was largely because of the way it started out.  Thea and I went down to Egham, and stopped by Costa coffee again on our way back from Tesco! (Notice how much my mood is dependent on the presence of coffee and tea.)  Thea and I met up with Clem for some lunch, and then headed to the library- because I do still have to do work while I’m here.  The library is gorgeous, all dark wood, and old books.  It’s a really cool place to get some reading done.  After working for a bit, Thea and I grabbed some dinner, and then I went to Em’s room to finish the evening with a glass of wine!

Thursday evening was a lot of fun as well.  I went to a “Dinner with Friends-” an event done by Royal Holloway’s Christian Union.  It wasn’t really a dinner with friends going in for me, it was a dinner with strangers, but I think I made a few friends by the end of it!  The event is simple- a few second or third years offer to host some first years (ie: yours truly) for a dinner at their homes.  One of the third years going, Leigh-Anne, offered to pick the first years up from Founders, which was awesome.  We got to the house, and everyone was so friendly, and welcoming.  We got to make our own pizzas, which was super fun, and had banoffee pie for dessert, which was beyond delicious.  After dessert, we played “Articulate,” which is basically Taboo, but with the addition of a game board.  I was on a team with Leigh-Ann and Eliz, who lives in the house we were visiting, and we won!  It was dramatic and hilarious from start to finish, and we had an amazing time.

The weekend was pretty low key- Em and I went out Friday night for a bit to a “frat party,” which was a pale imitation of the real thing, although they did serve drinks in red solo cups, which was cool.  Saturday Em, Issy, and I had a movie night, which was fun.  Sunday, when Clem and Liv got back from visiting home, the five of us (minus Thea, who had not returned from home yet) decided to play Twister in the corridor.  I won both rounds, which was extremely challenging- I was really grateful for my long limbs.  We then got dinner with Thea, and Liv, Em, and I went to a friend’s flat to play some games.  All in all, a much quieter weekend than last.

Despite the less than bright beginning, I had a really good week overall.

PS- Isabella (aka Issy) is amazing.