The adventure Begins!

The day finally came for me to embark on my long awaited journey abroad. There was a million different feelings running through my mind between being excited and overjoyed to being super nervous and unsure of what will happen (Mom and Dad if you’re reading this, disregard that last statement). Either way, saying goodbye to everyone was not an easy thing. To be honest, it was actually a lot harder than I thought it would be. Two weeks before I left, a lot of people were calling and texting me saying how they’d miss me and how we need to hang out before I leave. I didn’t know I would be missed that much. If you really look at it, I would probably see them just as much as I would if I were doing this year at UF. And then to top it off, a lot of adults were telling me how much they’re proud of me and how they don’t expect nothing but the best.

Anyways, the day came for me to leave and just like that, I was gone! I thought the summer would go by so slow, but before I knew it, it was the 28th of August, and the time for me to start my adventure.

So my apartment I’m living in Nice wasn’t going to be ready until the 2nd of September, and rather than spend 5 nights in a hotel in Nice by myself, I thought I’d take my first mini vacation to London. I have some family and friends who live in London, and travel around Europe is super cheap, so everything worked out in my favor. I’ve been to London once before, so I wasn’t really interested in doing and seeing all of the tourist things.

One of my cousins who I was staying with was hosting these two Spanish (from Spain) guys as some type of work/exchange program. One of the guys invited me to come with him to a picnic he and some of his friends were having at a park.

Then, It just so happened that London Carnival was the same weekend I was there. Any guesses as to what I did?

Yupp, and it was so much fun! Every city kinda has their own Carnival vibe, and it was interesting to see how London Carnival did their mix of cultures from all across the Caribbean and South America while still having their own culture in the mix (#Jamaica).

Apart from all of the fun of Carnival, I just want to say that it was the end of August/beginning of September and London was COLD and rainy! It was such a big change from hot and humid Florida. As much as I love London, this would be the reason why I can’t live there. If their summers are this cold, I can’t even imagine how cold their winters are. Other than that, I love English culture and everything there is about London! And I almost forgot about how expensive London is. Besides the fact that the pound is much stronger than the dollar, things there are just expensive period. The only thing in London that I found quite cheap, was the alcohol. Then, every time I get coins as change for something I buy, I always just shove it in my bag or pocket, but I keep forgetting that they can be a lot of money. In England, up until 2 pounds is a coin. Go figure!

London has become like a second home (If I’m being real, maybe like a 5th home) for me and I almost feel like I just want to stay and do my exchange year here. But the time has come for me to start my next adventure in the South of France.