First Steps

I have to admit, I had high expectations for France based on my experiences in England. I really didn’t even know what the south of France would be like besides everyone saying “Nice is so nice,” (no pun intended” or “You’re going to have so much fun there!”

So when I finally arrived in France and left the airport, I was well … a little disappointed. I was kind-of expecting this very Parisian setup and layout with nice boutique shops and restaurants everywhere.

In actuality, what I got was traffic, heat, tourists, and everyone around me speaking French.

I know I say this a lot, but the south of France really reminded me of Jamaica in some ways. Just the lifestyle, the houses, and the fact that I live along the beach and go to school in the mountains.

Then the driving. If you ever want to know what organized chaos is, come to France.

What’s even funnier was my first meal in France, Mc Donald’s. I know, I’m in France, the food capital of the world, but it’s a long story how that happened. Long story short, waiting on roommates to come so we can go out to eat turned into it being late and everything being closed except for McDonald’s.

But I’m not complaining, McDonald’s here is cheap (ish…not really). And everything here is super expensive except for wine, liquor, and baguettes. Go figure!

Later on the week, my university was having their first party of the year. Apparently, a different club sponsors a party on the beach or at a club exclusively for SKEMA students. It actually turned out to be really fun. I don’t want to bore you guys with details, but just imagine people from all over the world, the beach, and music. Not to mention French parties start at around 12am and end around 6am.

The next morning all of the exchange students had orientation at the school. The campus is kind-of small with three main buildings separated by humongous hills and a lot of walking. Definitely a change from UF. The school gave everyone free laptop bags and lunch, so I was very happy. Then the next day, they took all of the new and exchange students to an Island off the coast of Cannes for a team building activity. I met so much people from all around the world, had a ton of fun, and saw amazing views of the French Riviera.

I can really get used to life right now.