Melbourne -‘Melbin‘ if we’re pronouncing it like a true Aussie- also known as the foodie capital, the city with wonderful weather, and the most livable city for the past four years according to the Economist Intelligence Unit’s livability survey.

I get to live here for six months, study with local and international students, eat all the food, travel to all (well a lot but you get the point) the places and meet incredibly kind Australians. Super grateful for this ridiculous opportunity- Thank you UF and family.

A bit about myself- I love food/cooking {as you probably already inferred}, outdoors is my comfy zone, I’m seriously passionate about sustainable development and global health, chocolate is before anything else (bae), traveling is one of the keys to life….and my name is Tabitha, but I’m better known as Tabs.

Basics: I’m a proud Gator working on a microbiology major and a minor in humanitarian assistance and international development with a dream to work for Doctors Without Borders.

Rewind 2 years. August 12, 2013… I had just arrived in Esteli, Nicaragua, ready to spend a year of my life with 18 strangers, working for the non-profit of my dreams -Global Brigades- with as much excitement as a 3-year-old on christmas eve. “Will I get this opportunity again?”…

… Fast forward to the the present- July 12, 2015– 5 flights (2 missed), one lunch in Thailand and 30some hours later I made it to Melbourne, Australia. “How lucky am I?”… I get to live abroad again, immerse myself in another culture, learn about different lifestyles, and open my mind a bit more.

I am the luckiest. Oz, I can’t wait to be your bestie.