Enjoying “La Playa”

I am an island girl at heart. I grew up with the shore always a maximum of twenty minutes away, in a whirl of sand, bathing suits and clorox. Until age ten, my childhood brain was convinced that all houses came automatically with a pool and that I had special super powers because water somehow managed to seep through the cracks on my fingers. When I lived in gainesville, I yearned to see the shore or hear the waves of the ocean crashing against the sand. I’ve always loved the warm weather and though I think each season has its special charm, summer is the one that does it for me. Luckily, Puerto Rico preserves an essence of summer almost year long with the small exception of wintery winds that sweep the island during the “colder” months around Christmas time. My program has only just started and I am already starting to develop a tan.

Other than visiting the beach, or la playa in Spanish, I have also been hitting the books though my classes are still pretty easy considering we are just beginning.

La playa is a big part of the lives of many puerto ricans. Though many have few opportunities throughout the year to actually go to the beach, it is still a part of their lives because its always so near by. For example, the town where I am living, Mayagüez, is a coastal town and you can see the shore from the downtown area of the city. The beach is approximately five minutes away from campus and many students escape there to unwind and relief stress when they have time off classes.

“Playa Sucia” in Cabo Rojo, P.R. The name translates to “Dirty Beach” however this destination is far from being dirty, the water is clear and absolutely beautiful!

Next week I’ll talk about campus life and what its like to be a UPR student! 🙂

Yours truly,

Laiana Isabel


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