Jamsil Stadium Has Nothing on the Swamp

I had been wanting to go to a Korean baseball game since I arrived here. I’d heard it’s such a big part of the culture, and friends who had already been said there’s nothing like it – the people are so spirited.

They haven’t seen Gator games!

Nonetheless, it was a cool experience. Even on a Tuesday night, Seoul’s best known baseball stadium, Jamsil Stadium – which is about ½ the size of the Swamp – was about ¾ full of singing fans. Koreans ate, drank, and were merry with family and friends as they watched cheerleaders and their teams dueling it out. My favorite thing about it was that each player has his own song that the fans sing while he is at bat. In accordance, true fans know quite a number of chants! This game was particularly exciting because the underdogs, the Eagles, beat the Doosan Bears, Seoul’s previously favored team. One guy in my party grew up in the home town of the Eagles, and his cheering was almost comparable to a Gator fan’s. It was fun!

While the home runs made me a little home sick for our American football season, it was fun to relate to other fans passionate about their team.