We Came, We Climbed, We Conquered

Finally, a day with little enough rain to hike Bukhansan! Some friends and I set our sights on hiking the tallest peak (Baegundae, 836 m) of the mountains in Bukhansan National Park. After an easy hour’s commute via subway and bus, we began our ascent.

The recent rain improved the already beautiful scenery by turning the mountain’s many streams into semi-waterfalls. We had to cross many of them, which made for a slippery and difficult but very fun hike! Most of the mountain is jagged rocks shaded by trees, with running streams always in earshot. However, towards the top of the mountain, the trees vanish and the terrain turns to smooth granite, so we had to use cables to pull ourselves up the steep inclines. After completing that in tennis shoes, we ate our packed lunches at the top of the mountain, basking in the gorgeous views of Seoul with a sense of accomplishment – we earned them.