Just Married

This week’s university field trip was to a Nanta performance. It was very high energy, like STOMP but kitchen-themed and more comedic. The performers rhythmically and animatedly prepared food, dancing around while throwing vegetables into cans and the like, supposedly all in preparation for a wedding feast.

At one point, the performers came into the audience to get “taste testers.” They brought me onto the stage! They dressed the other audience volunteer and me in whimsical Korean attire and had us test their food. During this, they took a picture of us next to each other. At the end of the performance, they used this picture as that of the couple for which the wedding feast was prepared. It was all fun and funny, and since then many of my classmates have congratulated me on my change in marital status.

My mom made me promise not to find my Seoul mate here – oops!