Casual Wednesday

Hump day. Wednesday. Usually it’s a relief to get through Wednesday. It means your somewhat boring week is that much closer to the weekend. Fortunately, there’s no such thing as a boring Wednesday night in the Netherlands. There’s no excuse to be bored in a foreign country, especially when public transportation is so great. My Wednesday night this week turned into one of my most favorite memories I’ve made in the Netherlands so far.
After class my friend Savannah and I met at Utrecht Centraal station and caught the 6:28 train to Amsterdam. The past two times we’ve gone to Amsterdam we haven’t been able to get very far out of the crowded touristy areas on foot. Or at least by walking- so this time Savannah and I decided to explore the city in the best way, by running.
We walked decently far out and found a Tapas restaurant where we were going to meet up and have dinner after our runs. The waiter was incredibly nice and held our purses for us while we ran, which is something I couldn’t imagine happening in America. So we set out from the restaurant agreed to meet up again at 9:00, which gave us an hour for running/ exploring on our own.
Not only did I have one of the best runs I’ve ever had since I’ve been in Europe (8 miles, 6:32 average pace), I made it out past the touristy areas and saw things I would have never seen just walking the city. I ran down canals, past shipyards, through neighborhoods, past the museum district and IAMSterdam sign, and through a sculpture garden. And the best part yet?! I didn’t even get lost. Which is saying something, considering my sense of direction.
After our runs Savannah and I sat on the canal in Amsterdam, sweaty and gross but not caring, and split three Tapas for dinner. We couldn’t stop giggling to each other at how incredible our lives are. We just catch a train to Amsterdam to get a run in, because we can. When else will we have the opportunity to do that in our lives?
We could have easily just relaxed and watched some Netflix in our rooms Wednesday night. But I’m so glad that we stepped out and explored Amsterdam right in our back yard. It was just a lovely night. If I have one word to describe Europe, it’s lovely.