Boryeong Mud Festival

Today was the mud festival field trip with the university. Picture stereotypical beach spring break but with mud sports incorporated. SO fun! We mud wrestled, played mud soccer, ran mud obstacles courses, and more. We also watched an air show and live musical performances. Afterwards, we washed off in the East China Sea and relaxed on the beach.

This was the group’s first time out of Seoul seeing how non-city people react to foreign races. It was hysterical. So many people asked to take pictures of and with us. One of my black friends must have had 15 different people ask for pictures with her. So not politically correct! But in a way, it’s refreshing that they don’t worry about that. No one means anything offensive; they’re just curious.

If it weren’t for my skin’s exfoliation, I could be convinced that today was a dream. Definitely a mudst-do!