Amber and I look back, laugh, and continue our run.
100 meters later, I yell back “Boo!” to the German man.
Not exactly the most ordinary interaction I’ve ever had. But then again, there isn’t much ordinary about this summer. When will I ever be able to hop on a train with my best friend and visit Cologne, Germany for the weekend? Summer 2015 is one for the books.
Class concluded on Friday with a group presentation about the future of the EU. It was a bittersweet class as it was the end of a two-week section, so some of the best friends we’ve made here finished their studies. We’ll miss you, our Italian and Spanish friends. But on the sweet side, it was the weekend! Amber and I took a train to Cologne, Germany for two nights to get some German cuisine and sightsee. And honestly, I was excited for this weekend to catch up on sleep and get some quality runs in. Which is where our German ghost man comes in. We saw the German man at the beginning of our 11-mile run, which took us across the Rhine River, back to the cathedral in the city center, and through the middle of a shoe store during a momentary lapse in direction.

Famished after our long run, Amber and I were walking to a café for brunch when the German man walked by again. “Boo!” Amber and I both yelled and everyone burst out laughing. And that’s it. As big of a city as Cologne is (the 4th largest in Germany), it was still fun and possible to make a random, two-second connection with a person like that.
While we were in Cologne Amber and I did some shopping (I hope to return to America with at least a few stylish European outfits). We also visited a beer garden, which Germany is apparently famous for. The local beer made in Cologne, Klosh, paired with a curry bratwurst was arguably one of the best meals I’ve had in Europe. I’m usually kind of a health nut with what I eat, but here I’m missing out if I don’t indulge in the local food. I’ll return to my old boring meals when I get back to America.

I’m glad that Amber and I visited Cologne this weekend, but I’m also glad to be going back to Utrecht. It’s starting to feel like home, and even though I never thought I would say this, I like my dorm room. Utrecht is quaint, and I love that I know my way around the college town. I’ve found the Gainesville of Europe in Utrecht, and I love it.