Classes at Hanyang

Classes starting has been exciting! It’s made me explore this campus a bit more. It’s so beautiful! Because it’s very hilly, there are a lot of great views of Seoul, with mountains in the background – truly like a postcard. The architecture is also unique and appealing.

I’m really enjoying my beginning Korean class. The teacher speaks very little English, so the majority of communication is either nonverbal or in Korean. I think this will foster more learning because it’s immersive.

The program I’m enrolled in is intended for international students, so when I’m on campus, the majority of the people I interact with are non-Koreans from all over the world. It’s amazing talking to other students; we’re all interested in each others’ cultures and differences, so “small talk” is actually extremely interesting. Many of the students have lived in multiple countries speaking multiple languages, and even those with more standard life stories have unique perspectives through the lenses of their own cultures. It makes me want to travel the world!