The end of a beginning

As my time has come to an end in Lille, I’m of course very sad & thinking about how much I’m going to miss everything. I’m going to miss the food so much, the amazing sandwiches & cheeses & croissants & pastries every day. You can’t just walk down the street at home & find a patisserie with fresh 2€ tarts! I’m going to miss meal time with friends- never did I eat a meal alone in France because that’s just not something you do in the culture. Back to shoving a sandwich in my mouth between classes alone at home. I’m going to miss walks! Where can you walk to in Florida? No where, driving is absolutely necessary & we don’t even have nice parks to stroll around or beautiful architecture to view. I will miss the amount of history that is so evident in this town.
I guess 1 positive thing is, I’ve become so thankful that I attend UF, seriously. The education system in France was nothing compared to what I’m getting here, & neither is the college town atmosphere. Many of the other students in my program attended very small universities & don’t even know what tailgating is & have never played beer pong. It’s really weird because these things are part of what I define as the college experience! What’s a college without the football games, school spirit, frat parties, & night life? I’m glad that I’m a student who has been able to experience all these things in addition to being able to study abroad.
Now I will probably cry every day for the 1st week I’m home because I never want to leave this place. A month was much too short & I suggest anyone else who studies abroad stay for at least 2 months. I feel like right as I started to get a hang of everything – food, transport, & language, it was time to go already! If you were to ask if I was homesick my answer would be no. Of course I missed my family so much & my friends but the actual atmosphere of the states? Not really. I do miss 24 hour stores or at least stores being open on Sunday along with fried chicken but that’s about it. How come we’ve torn down all of our old buildings with history & replaced them with more modern ones? I feel that America doesn’t have as much pride in its history as these other countries or were just a culture that is so future oriented we don’t care much about preserving the past, but the past holds much beauty I have learned since being here.
But the sadness won’t start just yet, luckily I’m staying for 2 more weeks in the UK – London, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, & all towns in between. & even better I don’t have to worry about classes! I do miss traveling with my friends but a new adventure begins here.


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