4 Days and Counting

When you graduate high school, the conversation topic of the summer is related to your college plans. Where are you going? What are you studying? When do you leave? I remember answering these questions countless times, and I would always finish my response with “I’m really excited!”

Was I excited? Without a doubt. But I had no idea what to expect, or what I was specifically excited for.

This uncertain excitement is precisely how I feel as I prepare for my summer abroad in Madrid, Spain.

Of this I am certain: I will depart from Jacksonville International Airport in 4 days and land in Madrid on the morning of May 31st. I am living in a home stay with my “madre” Teresa, her husband, a dog, and my UF roommate, Lisa-Nicole. I am taking classes at Nebrija University in addition to the UF online “Principles of Management” course.

Yet, uncertainty lies ahead: How does life differ in a foreign country? Will there be language barriers? How do people dress? Is it easy to adjust to the culture? Will Madrid be easy to navigate?

Until I land in the Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport, I have no idea what is in store for the next two months.

If that’s not exciting, what is?