First Week in Sevilla

We have now survived our first week in Sevilla. The day we arrived, we filed off the bus, a mixture of excitement and trepidation, anxiously looking around trying to guess which of the waiting señoras was our new homestay mom.

My roommate and I went home with Rosa, who has been both a very good cook and the epitome of hospitality. I was so nervous on the first day, however, that I barely said anything. I’m warming up to speaking more at this point and my Spanish continues to improve.

We are staying in Triana which is about a 35 minute walk to class, but this has its upsides. I’m already probably in better shape than I was when we arrived, we get to walk a bridge over the beautiful Guadalquivir River, and then we trek through Maria Luisa Park and past the stunning Plaza de España.

So far, my favorite experience in Sevilla was our visit to the Alcázar which was built by the Moorish Muslims starting in the 1300s, and is marvelously gorgeous.

(Photo: At the Alcázar)

Yesterday we had a super pleasant time exploring both the cities of Jerez and Cádiz. In Jerez we visited a winery where we rode a little train during the tour and tasted sherry after. Later we bused to Cádiz and headed en masse to its lively beaches. It was heaven to lounge on the sand – it felt like home.

But more adventures await! Tonight we attend a bullfight and later this week, Flamenco lessons!


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