Pre-Departure Entry

April 23, 2015: 13 days until I board the plane and I’m a mixture of butterflies and elation, but thankfully more excited than scared! My name is Victoria and I will be writing from Spain in the moments between sightseeing, studying, and (probably) binge eating. Why did I choose to study in Seville? I’m a Spanish language major minoring in Classical Studies and Seville appeals to both interests. I have been learning Spanish since I was nine years old in some capacity, but get nervous when I try to speak it. I hope that studying in Seville will boost my conversational skills. Plus, I found out that Seville is about 20 minutes away from a Roman ruins site, and the Classical Studies nerd inside me nearly wept with joy. With great food and such a rich history, how could I not choose to study in Spain?
Let’s talk packing, as it has been the first of what is sure to be a long list of surprises. I’ve been preparing for months and am still not finished! From new luggage to an entirely revamped wardrobe, I am completely shopped out! Fortunately, my grandmother has been helping every step of the way, down to picking out what nail polish I should wear. She has put so much work into this trip that it is completely unfair that she’s not going herself.
This trip will be the best thing that has happened to me so far, and I know I’m going to discover a lot about my own strengths and ability to overcome whatever obstacles come my way. I’m ready and rarin’ to go (except not yet because I’m not done packing)!


1 day to go update: Finally packed and checking my lists and flight info. Actually feeling a bit sad at what I’m leaving behind and apprehensive, too, but I am glad for this opportunity. I will be in Madrid by this time tomorrow! 🙂


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