Feria de Abril

The tradicional festivals of Spain are abundant and a an extraordinary experience. This past weekend I ventured to the south of Spain to Sevilla for Feria de Abril, which translate to the April Fair. It´s a celebration where women wear tradicional “gypsy” dresses, men wear suits and ties and everyone dances Sevillana, a style of Flamenco. There´s streets lined with private casetas, or little houses, where people drink, eat and dance until the sun rises. You have to be invited into a caseta by one of the owners, or there are a few public casetas anyone can enjoy. I was fortunate enough to experience the private and public casetas. Unfortunately I didnt have any tradicional dresses laying around, nor could I afford to buy one of the masterpieces.

This is the portada, or entrance to Feria.

So I´ll start from the beginning. I was able to visit a good friend, who I had not seen in four years. We had kept in touch over time through social media, but seeing him to celebrate Feria was one of the highlights of the trip. His wonderful friends invited us into their caseta where we were able to try tradicional foods like choco, similar to calamari, and  flaminquín, which was a mouth-watering delight of fried ham and cheese. Another Feria staple is rebuito, an apple flavored sherry mixed with 7Up. It was very light and refreshing.

I had googled pictures before I went, but what I saw when I arrived was incredible and way better than what the internet showed. I spent four nights in Sevilla and it was one of the best times I´ve had in my life.

I went with Arielle, another Gator in Madrid. We loved the giant flowers.

I spent the weekend trying yummy foods, wearing a giant flower on my head, and a mantilla, a tradicional shawl, over my shoulders. I also attempted to learn how to dance Sevillana, but that didn´t go to well.
Here I am with my shawl and flower.

There was also a giant carnival. So many carnival rides and yummy spanish carnival foods (I really like food). I´m not a big fan of carnival rides, so I stuck to the Ferris wheel and candy apples.

View from the top of the feris wheel.

Come Sunday, the last day of Feria, I was absolutely exhausted and my feet needed a break from walking and dancing. I had a blast, but I was ready to come home to Madrid.