Más Tapas!

If you walk into a Cerveceria, or Spanish bar, and they don’t give you a small tapa, you’re doing it wrong. Tapas, or small plates, are a Spanish staple that is usually free.

Now, I’m not talking fancy little appetizers that are extremely complex, think more fresh bread with some meat on top, or a  piece of tortilla( Spanish omelet). My personal favorite is a giant plate of patatas bravas, which are cubed potatoes with a thick hot sauce on top. Usually not too spicy and occasionally accompanied by some ali-oli, or garlic mayo. Spicy food is hard to come by here.

The free tapas are usually not too bad, and you get a different one with each drink you order. If you are with a group, the bar will usually give you a generous sampling of their free little snacks. This stuff is by-far better than American bar foods. Oh and potato chips are also very popular, and they are all amazing. I swear they are freshly made. Depending on the bar you’re in, you can occasionally order additional tapas for usually no more than two euros.

Again, these little snacks are exactly that, snacks. They are meant to nibble on while you socialize and hang out with friends. And if there is one thing I have learned about the culture here it’s that Spaniards love three things: talking, eating and drinking (I mean this casually, one or two small beers or glasses of vino). So tapas let people combine all three.

I’m just going to let the tapas speak for themselves in these photos. Because really, what you see is exactly what you get.

On the left, olives, cheese and pepper. On the right, cracker and cheese

Chips and wine!

Some fancy tapas ordered off the menu at a bar near my apartment: starting from top left moving counter clockwise: mini burger with brie cheese, chorizo with quail egg, pork with brie cheese, seafood skewer and tortilla de patata.

These next few photos are courtesy of my awesome fellow Gator, Kai Lee Su!

At El Tigre, you get massive drinks and abundant tapas for cheap.

Left, eggs, fries and chorizo are a popular bar food. On the right, octupus.


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