Visits from Home

March is the month of visits here in Madrid. Friends back home are on Spring Break, we have a couple vacations during March, so sure everyone come on over to visit.

My boyfriend, Ryan came to visit me last week during UF’s spring break. I can’t explain how excited I was to finally see him after being away for just over two months. FaceTiming someone everyday is so different from finally seeing them face-to-face. I was so overwhelmed with happiness when I saw him walk out of the luggage area at the Madrid airport.

It was so exciting to give someone a tour around Madrid. We got to experience my favorite restaurants, like La Musa and Lateral, as well as try new things, like a picnic and boat adventure in Retiro Park. We had beautiful weather, which made the visit even better. We were able to do a lot of activities that it had been too cold to do before.
Ryan and I on a boat in Retiro Park!

Our yummy park picnic

We went to one of the oldest restaurants in the world, Botin, to celebrate our one year anniversary together. The food was amazing and definitely worth it. We had roast pig and roast lamb. Both were equally delicious. And dessert was amazing as well. The Spaniards really have a strong dessert game. Everything is just so good!

In front of Botin before our delicious dinner.

One cool thing we did was hop on a train to a random town we found online. It was called Cuenca and it was absolutely beautiful. It is an old town built into a mountain with hanging houses and beautiful scenery. We weren’t prepared, but there were a lot of hiking trails we could have done. They looked beautiful.

Being in the city, I forget how scenic Spain is, so I am happy I took the opportunity to get out and explore something new with Ryan.

Cuenca cliffs!

Ryan’s visit went by too fast and I was so sad to see him leave, but we only have about two and a half more months apart.

My best friend, Allura, will be coming to visit me during Semana Santa, or my spring break here in Spain. It’s the first week of April. I can’t wait to see her and celebrate my LAST spring break as a college student. What’s better than Europe with your best friend?