Two Week Update

It’s hard to believe two weeks have already passed by! I feel as though my first fourteen days have both flown by and passed leisurely at the same time. I’m beginning to get my bearings and figure out how to get around London, but I still have much to learn. Here have been some highlights thus far:

Iceskating at Somerset House- One of the first thing we did upon arrival in London was visit the ice rink at Somerset House. Somerset House was one of the most beautiful and incredible places I’ve ever been, and skating there was truly blissful. Whether I was laughing at my friends slowly shuffling around, or falling on the ice myself, I couldn’t help but appreciate the history and romance of this brilliant city. Our ice skating excursion will forever be one of my favorite memories of London and always mark the first time I felt at home in London.

First Pub Excursion- During my first weekend in London, Lizzy, my good friend from home, and I ventured to The Crown, a pub near our study center. Going to pubs is now one of my favorite things to do, but our first trip to The Crown was extra special because we had the pleasure of making friends with three great British women. Our new friends are teachers from across Britain and taught us about British culture and how to fit in well. I’m so happy our first trip to a pub resulted in a lovely new friendship.

The British Museum- I am so incredibly lucky to be living less than two hundred yards from The British Museum. I’ve already been three times, and I cannot wait to discover of the treasures this museum holds. My favorite rooms are the Ancient Rome and Greek rooms, which are full of some of the greatest artifacts I have ever seen. I love the fact that many of classes use the British Museum as their classrooms and I look forward to learning so much there.

The Commitments- On Tuesday the 13th, we saw the West End show the The Commitments, which is about an Irish band from Dublin trying to make it big singing Motown classics. I thought the show was very good, and I loved the music. I laughed often, and enjoyed singing along at the end of the show. I cannot wait to see more West End Shows!

Clubbing at The Roxy- Thursday and Saturday nights, a large group of us went out to The Roxy, a dance club and bar near the study centre. I loved both trips, and can’t wait to visit more clubs around London. The Roxy plays fun music everyone knows and feels both intimate and big at the same time. I’m hoping this semester will have many more fun nights like these.

Day Trip to St. Alban’s and Harry Potter Studios- On our second Friday in Britain, we had a day trip to St. Alban’s Cathedral, Roman theater ruins, and Harry Potter Studios. St.Alban’s was a sweet little town with a huge and lovely Cathedral, and a very cute park with many swans swimming around. The Roman ruins were interesting to me, but we were only there for a short time, so I didn’t get a chance too see much. Harry Potter Studios was a great end to the day and so much fun! It was exciting to see where and how some of my favorite movies were made, and I even got a picture flying on a broomstick! While Friday was a long day of traveling, it was certainly worth it to visit several iconic British destinations.

The Imperial War Museum- I was very impressed with the Imperial War Museum! I have never been well educated on either World War, and I felt as though I learned more in a few hours in this museum than I did in any high school history class. The museum had interesting interactive exhibits and I was pleasantly surprised by how much this museum sparked my interest and taught me over the course of an afternoon.

It’s been a busy two weeks and I can’t wait to see what the next three months hold!