Finally in Madrid.

Adios America!

I said my goodbyes and made it to Madrid. My mom and I cried in the airport. It was hard to leave my family for five months, but I have planned this trip to Madrid for years and it was finally my time to go.

It still hasn’t hit me that I get to stay in this amazing city  and I don’t think it ever actually will.

I arrived here Saturday morning around 8:30 a.m. Madrid time. My flights went pretty smoothly after I rearranged some overweight luggage. I flew from Tampa to Philly, and Philly to Madrid. I had a nice night’s sleep on the plane ride over and I was wide-eyed and ready to take on my first day in Madrid.

My apartment is cozy and I am sharing it with five other girls in the UF in Madrid program. We each have our own bedroom and two and a half bathrooms to share. So far, so good. When I first saw my room and bed I was a little shocked. Even my Broward dorm freshman year was bigger than this. But after I unpacked and got settled it really wasn’t bad at all. I adjusted fast, because you know what I’M IN MADRID.

I am fortunate enough to know a few people here in Madrid and I was so excited to see a good friend of mine, Marta. Marta lived with me for a summer in high school and then I got to come live with her family for a summer. She is pretty much my Spanish sister. I haven’t seen her in four years, but we spent an afternoon together walking around Sol, which is in the center of the city. The fun thing about Marta is she doesn’t speak much English so I had to really use my Spanish to talk to her and catch up. I had no idea I knew so much Spanish. We encountered some pretty awesome sights in Plaza Mayor. Check out the photo.

Marta and I had a blast together wandering around Madrid.
Besides being excited about seeing old friends and living in this awesome city I am so excited for the food. It’s amazing. I don’t even know how to do it justice with words. The food will definitely be getting its own blog post. Jamón Ibérico may just be the love of my life and the tapas and coffee and oh my, just all of it.  You’ll see.

I explained my food excitement to my mom and she’s a little worried I may gain some weight. Let me tell you there’s no way I am gaining weight with all this walking and the hills and stairs. Side note: I am TERRIFIED of escalators, so I will be climbing up lots of stairs. If anything, I am coming back with nice muscular calves and a toned butt. I’m sure of it.