Final Days in Cambridge

All good things must come to an end. Our time in Cambridge wound down quickly and unrelentingly. After we returned from London, our group had less than one week left together. Much of that time went into reworking and polishing our research papers for our class. Everyone put their noses to the grindstone in our sprint to the finish. The results certainly showed how far we all had come in just four weeks.

The culminating experience of our academic work came in the form of oral presentations and drafts of our papers. It was exciting to see my classmates’ thoughts about their subjects in the presentations. Many of the students in UF in Cambridge were strong speakers and presented their projects eloquently. Personally, I had some difficulty when I tried to translate my presentation onto paper. Dr. Kroen consoled us as she admitted that she experienced the same difficulty early in her studies as well. This experience is not a finale, but a building block for developing such skills and talents. I am grateful for the UF in Cambridge program for the academic progress that it accorded me.

Now, we must say goodbye to Cambridge. The memories made here will last a lifetime. The experience is incomparable and priceless. I, along with my classmates, offer a grand thanks to Dr. Kroen for spearheading the trip and developing all of us as travelers and students.


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