A City of History

Alternative Title: The Daily Musings of a History Major

Wow, I can’t believe how fast time has gone by here!  It feels like yesterday that I was just arriving, and now I’m turning in my research paper.  The last week and a half have been a whirlwind and it’s still kind of hard to wrap my head around all of the things I’ve done.  This past weekend was especially eventful since we went to London for three days.  There are so many amazing things to do and see in London, and even though I’ve visited it before, I’m still awestruck by its sheer amount of history.  London is ancient, and it’s filled with so many memories and so many stories.  It’s just old in a way that no American city is.  Truly, cities like Boston and New York seem like infants in comparison.

It’s actually deceiving, in a way.  Walking down London’s winding streets, there are moments where you feel like you’re back home, but then you come across something really old like Westminster Abbey and it hits you how different they really are. America doesn’t have the same sense of history to it, being as young as it is.  In reality, our country has only existed for the blink of an eye compared to other ones.  Looking at it that way, it puts things in a different perspective.  Time is so fleeting; it makes you want to do things—make a difference.

That feeling never really left me the entire time I was in London.  Seeing Antony and Cleopatra at the Globe Theater, I imagined what it must have been like in the 16th century to sit on those wooden benches under a dark London sky.  Exploring the insides of Westminster Abbey, I was awed by the tombs of kings and queens long dead, many of which were yards away from the tributes and graves of famous English writers and poets: Shakespeare, Austen, Dickens. Indeed, if I’ve learned anything from this program, it’s that life is short in the grand scheme of things, and while that’s something we’ve all heard before, it has particular meaning for me now.  I may be on Earth for a short while, but I will make the most of it.  I will see as much of it as I can, and hopefully make a difference in the life of somebody else. What could be better?



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