Last few days

I figured I would talk about the actual medical service-learning program here, in addition to my final thoughts about this study abroad experience.
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Working with Dr. Molina was amazing. I was so impressed with my teacher (Sra. Jimenez) for linking up with a US Embassy doctor. First off, what a great contact to have. Second, he made time for us–time that he could have been using to treat patients. He taught us lessons, brought us to companies to do risk management and gave us a hands-on experience in his clinic. Utilizing what we learned in class, we were able to do 1:1 preconsultations with patients. We also sat in on consultations and learned what the doctor does in laboral medicine. It was a great experience.
I am going to miss seeing our group everyday. I made some real friends here and I can’t wait to return to Gainesville to reunite with them. As for the other friends I made here, through Veritas University or other ISA programs, I am grateful that Facebook is around for us to keep in contact. It will be weird going back to the states and not waking up with Alexis and Mariah. I really liked the program because we all started out as strangers and have grown into a close-knit family. We were such a unique, diverse group and I am really going to miss going to classes and weekend excursions around the country with our little wolf-pack. I am going to miss seeing mountains everyday and the lovely weather of San Jose. Although the open windows throughout the house had positives and negatives (bugs), I am going to miss the natural airflow and waking up to natural sunlight and birds chirping. Lastly, I am going to miss platanos, although I am determined to learn how to cook them :).

I am excited to be home, though. Although I only missed A/C when we were on the hot, humid coast, I am excited to get back home to other luxuries that I previously overlooked, such as my mom’s cooking, the ability to cook for myself, not having to wear shoes in the house (having clean floors), my car, my gym and my friends and family.

Next time I post, I will be back in the UNITED STATES*.

*Not America–saying “I am from America” is actually offensive to the rest of Americans, a.k.a. other North Americans (Canada, Mexico), Central Americans (i.e. Costa Rica) and South Americans (i.e. Argentina). This was another cultural thing I learned here.


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