Only One Week Left

With only a week left before I depart for Seoul, everything has been thrown into chaos- clothes are thrown all over my room, my bathroom is torn apart, and papers are scattered over every surface of the house. If you ask me, preparation is definitely the hardest part. I’ve been on edge for days making sure everything is lined up for the trip, and even now I still second guess myself about having everything ready. Do I have all the clothes I need? Do I have enough money? What about textbooks and school supplies? What can I even  bring on an airplane these days? It’s a lot to think about.

However, despite all the preparation stress and rushing around, I couldn’t be more excited to leave. Facebook has been infinitely helpful for connecting with other students studying in Seoul this summer, and speaking with others who have already arrived or who will arrive around the same time has both pumped up my anticipation and given me the comfort of knowing people once I get there. Those already in Seoul have given the rest of us invaluable and sometimes shocking advice about what to expect (some public restrooms in Seoul don’t have toilet paper- who knew?) while those arriving around the same time same me the stress of having to brave a two-hour taxi drive from the airport to the university on my own.

Of course, hearing it from someone else is nothing like experiencing it for myself, but it won’t be long before I’ll be sitting in the common rooms watching the World Cup right along with them. At long last, the final countdown begins!


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