The Semester of a Lifetime

It’s interesting that no matter how long you live in a foreign country, home will always feel like home. I expected to have a much more difficult time assimilating back into American culture, but I am pleasantly surprised that I’ve been managing just fine. Aside from the occasional “Slicha!” instead of “Excuse me” and feeling incredibly jet lagged, it feels good to be back in the USA.

With that being said, I miss Israel like crazy and wish I could be back on the beach in Tel Aviv. To combat my nostalgia and wrap this final blog post up, I’ve created a short slideshow to recap the semester of a lifetime. It’s hard to believe that it’s over and that my blog posts have come to an end, but the memories I’ve made will forever be with me.

Semester Abroad in Israel:

Thank you to everyone who made this trip possible, and most importantly, thank you to everyone who read this blog and supported me throughout the last five months. I hope you enjoyed hearing about my experiences, and I encourage everyone to travel to Israel in the future. It truly is life changing.


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