Reuniting in Europe

I wanted to wait to post this until the end, and unfortunately that time has come.

Friendships are a funny thing. You might know someone for 6 years or for 2 days and the bond can feel the same. Being abroad and away from reality has its own way of bringing people together. It also has a way of proving to us that we live in a very small world. It took me coming to Europe to reach out to people I haven’t seen in years, but it made me realize how precious some friendships truly are. Reuniting with friends in Europe made me realize how easy it is to keep in touch with people. We always think that long-distance friendships are hard to keep, but in reality we are just a short plane/bus/train ride away from each other. Friendships are something to treasure, to learn from, and to grow. Being able to share the experiences of cliff jumping in Dubrovnik or hanging out at the Royal Palace in Madrid are memories that will hopefully stick with us forever.

This post is dedicated to all of the reunions I’ve had in Europe; to the friendships that were strengthened during our time abroad and to all the friendships that were made. Thanks friends, for sharing an experience of a lifetime! See you all somewhere else around the world. And to all the friends I’ve made while traveling, I look forward to reuniting again someday!

The people in these pictures are from the many reunions I’ve had in Europe.



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