Passover Part 2: Piece of Home

It has gotten to the point of the trip where there is only 2 months left, where the amount of time left is shorter to the amount of time passed…whoa

It’s the same point of the trip where I really start to think about home, and start to make plans for the future because it no longer seems so far away. The nature of the Passover vacation can make it boring if you don’t have a nice Jewish family to spend it with, especially in Jerusalem or if you’re not traveling.  So in this state of mind one night, bored, I made a spontaneous decision just to go to Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv for me is like a piece of home, a small concentrated slice of Miami pie with Hebrew instead of Hispanic. I always loved being there as I’d gone a few times before but usually dreaded the hassle of train to bus to taxi and/or bus.  Despite the travel-laziness I walked to the light rail train, which dropped me off at the Jerusalem Central bus station and when I was boarding the bus I saw in front of me were my friends Shiloh  & Ross who live in Tel Aviv! It was a perfect coincidence because A) Ross was a dancer at UF before moving to Israel and is like a piece of home for me here, and I really needed that AND B) it meant company for the ride and a place to stay the night.

I was all smiles for the rest of the night.

Shiloh and Ross had school the next day so they gave me a spare key and I set out to have a “Me” day before meeting them at night to cook dinner together.

My “Me” day consisted of breakfast at the Shuck Market, walking to the beach to swim, float, and lay in the sun and renting a bike to ride all along the lengths of Tel Aviv. It was perfect. I’ve learned about myself here. I’ve learned that I have a lot of energy, and that it needs to be exerted, and that I love bicycles. I tried not to make it look obvious when I first hopped on the rent-a-bike that I hadn’t really ridden at length before (much less in traffic,) and there was definitely a steep learning curve but it was really an amazing ride. City to my right, sea to my left, wind on my face

I plan on buying one first thing in Gainesville, so watch out Alachua County!

When I got back to Ross & Shiloh’s place we made a fancy feast to wave goodbye to the Pesach holiday.

Sweet acorn squash, a salad of avocado & sunflower sprouts, and chili with a side of pretzel, recipes of which will also return with me to the states.

So I think I’ve discovered a few antidotes for the homesickness and restlessness that comes from being a person like me:

  1. Go to Tel Aviv
  2. Ride a Bike

All my best,


(Ps) Happy Graduation to all my beautiful Senior friends!


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