The Visual Side of Things

This update is less about my weekend and more about what I’ve seen the past 2 months. So hopefully you’ll enjoy smaller walls of text and the wondrous sights I’ve captured.

This Theravada Buddhist temple is titled Wat Doi Suthep, which overlooked the city of Chiang Mai. I took a picture of its highest golden monument. 

Other scenic locations include Chiang Mai’s local markets, filled with all kinds of delicious (if not a little questionable) food. Markets are vibrant during both day and night, which is especially true for the Sunday Walking Street market held every weekend. Here, performances liter the street along with hundreds of Thai vendors. 

My favorite temple visited so far was Wat Doi Inthanon, which is located on the highest mountaintop in Thailand. A cool breeze complimented the peaceful atmosphere, despite it being a hot day when the photo was taken.

This spectacular temple is close to a hiking trail that offered surreal scenery.

Hiking may hav been a pain, but the views are unrivaled compared to anything I’ve ever seen in the United States.

But of all of these locations, my favorite as I’ve mentioned has been the rural village I visited, which included the calming rice patties I worked in. Thailand is the world’s number 1 rice exporter, and so rice is a staple economic and cultural crop to the country.

While it may not have looked like much the village was without a doubt the most at peace I’ve been with myself in years.

And let’s not forget about the elephants I got to walk and take care of at Thailand’s Elephant Sanctuary! This elephant in particular faced a great degree of abuse from a logging company before it was rescued.

She was very kind to strangers despite the trauma she experienced.

While these pictures aren’t much, as I’m no photographer, hopefully they convey the beauty this country has to offer in its many different forms. From animals to temples, I chose the sites that reached out to me the most when taking my program’s excursions. Be excited for more of these kinds of posts for the next few months.


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